Please contact me to purchase any image on this site. You can contact me at [email protected].

An image intended to be viewed on a backlit computer screen has very different characteristics from one intended to be viewed in your home or office. The differences between backlight and reflected light require significant adjustments. This is why I create custom print files. 

I will ask how you intended to mat and frame the print. When matting prints it is generally preferable to include a border (also called "canvas") around the print.

I will ask for approximate dimensions, as well as the dimensions of the mat. I will also suggest either matte or pearl paper.

Prints sized exactly to the specified dimensions are superior to the "one size fits all" approach. Further, many of my images are not in traditional sizes, such as 16x20", 16x24", or 20x30".

Although I just mentioned paper prints, during the past several years most of my prints have been on metal. Images printed on metal tend to be more expensive and more stunning, but not all images are suited for metal. Metal prints may be displayed unframed or in a floating frame. I will suggest the metal option only if I'm certain that the image will display better on this medium.

When you contact me have this information ready:

  • The gallery name and number of the image. For example, Rocks/Mountains #6.
  • The name of the image.
  • A brief description of the image.
  • At that point a phone conversation will likely be appropriate. I will need your email address and your phone number.

After we discuss your preferences, I'll send you a print file via DropBox. I'll also send information about gallery matting and framing standards and a certificate of authenticity.

I'll provide instructions as to how to connect with my preferred print lab, but you will be welcome to have the image printed anywhere you wish.