Jim Dunaway Photo | Rocks/Mountains

The Subway 3027Ice Cream Sundae IV JSD2024zenThe Druid _JSD1993White Pocket Swirls 3164Lollypop Rock IIIAntelope Canyon I _JSD2544print20x30.Antelope Canyon II _JSD3303In the Narrows 2293Antelope Canyon IIIThe Butterfly & 3 Amigos 5278Brainrock Peaks: White Pocket, ArizonaWhite pocket UntitledButterfly Pass: White pocket, ArizonaLollypop Rock IVOtherworldly LandscapeIn the Hall of the Gargoyles IIn the Hall of the Gargoyles II _JSD3465pano_ZFBryce Canyon IBryce Canyon 4674Bryce Canyon II