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At the trailhead of Dark Hollow Falls MG_  c                                        z          zz  zL'arbre de la Mika JSD_2195mika_slYosemite Valley: Near Fern SpringYosemite Valley: October colorLight at the End of the TunnelZion Canyon Cottonwood IZion National Patk; Temple of  Sinawava II 3248iIn the NarrowsZion Canyon Cottonwood II _JSD2998cAfter the Storm 0919Grafton I 2879_5_6slHyatt Lane 2542Hyatt Lane 2507Sparks Lane 2499Zion Canyon 3305iBlue Ridge Parkway near Waynesville I 2777iIn Allerton Gardens III  8919iIn Allerton Gardens III  8905Blue Ridge Parkway near Waynesville II _JSD2781iMt. Leconte from the Carlos Campbell Overlook  _JSD2655i