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Holiday Pose 2016 I DSC_1566print4x5Holiday Pose 2016 II DSC_1553print4x6Ariel Bladsting thru the Weaves DSC_1308slTempest DSC_1356slAriel's Classic Form DSC_1345slAngela Races Ariel II JDD_2825slAngela Races Ariel I JDD_2654slAriel Blasting Out of the Chute I JDD_2765slTempest at 12 weeks: the New Kid on the Block! JDD_0587slTempest and Jan Padgett JDD_0542slTempest Flying on the Dogwalk: 1 year old JDD_2867slTempest Applying Brakes on the Teeter: 1 Year Old  JDD_2718slTempest Blasting Out of the Chute: 1 year old JDD_2885slKizz's contrail of dust in the weaves JSD_1481iOOPS! JSD_3271iAriel: Pause Table IIIBlazer: Pause Table IVThe Face That Can Do No WrongBlazer _JSD0705iThe Blaze-Man _JSD2794i

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