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Land of Ice and Fire . . . and Magic
Reykjavik: Harpa Concert Hall II  DSCF3790slReykjavik: Harpa Concert Hall III  DSCF3784slReykjavik: Harpa Concert Hall IV  DSCF3774slVik: Beach Sunset I DSCF3987slSkogafoss II DSCF3980slSeljalandsfoss I DSCF3940slSeljalandsfoss II DSCF3935slSeljalandsfoss III DSCF3924slIceland: Aurora Borealis II DSCF4932slIceland: Aurora Borealis III DSCF4930slIceland: Aurora Borealis I DSCF4905slReykjavik: Harpa Concert Hall I DSCF5090slReykjavik: Harpa Concert Hall VI  DSCF5063slGeysir: Eruption III DSCF4977sl addGullfoss III DSCF5031slReykjavik: Harpa Concert Hall V  DSCF5051slIceland: Aurora Borealis IV DSCF4927slJokulsárlón Beach VIII DSCF4700sl addJokulsárlón Beach II DSCF4717slVesturhorn from Stokkesnes II DSCF4644-5pano_sl

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