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Jim's work is being featured in an exhibit at 600 Broad Gallery in Augusta, Georgia.  The gallery is open to the public weekdays 12:00 PM-4:00 PM During March 2018.

600 Broad Street is on the median just in front of the Ramada Inn.

The public is invited to meet Jim and his former Gallery on the Row partners at a reception on March 16, 2018, 7:00-9:00 PM. You can access the 600 Broad Gallery by clicking HERE.

You can also view several of his finest images by entering "Lithamoon" into the search field on the left.






Guestbook for Jim Dunaway Photo
Jonathan Irish(non-registered)
Great images! I especially enjoyed "Antelope Canyon" & "Yosemite Falls at midnight" I trust both were adventurous outings. Looking forward to catching up sometime soon, until then much love your way!
Robert Bledsoe(non-registered)
I thoroughly enjoyed the slide show and look forward to another outing at Heggie's Rock. Does one need to RSVP for your invitation? Is this the only time that your photos will be on exhibit during March?
Gina Lynne(non-registered)
Wow, I don't know where to start! I could spend all day (or longer!) looking at your images! I can learn so much just by studying your work. It is an amazing collection. I am so glad I came to your site. As a budding photographer you are definitely an inspiration to me. Thank you.
Jim Dunaway Photo
Thanks for your kind comment. The order that contains your print is being processed and will likely ship from the West Coast tomorrow. I'll keep you apprised.
Georg Pharris(non-registered)
I think your work is amazing. I love the composition, the colors, the variety, the subjects. I was impressed by my first experience, but now that I've visited your site, I'm hooked on your work. Looking forward to enjoying your art as part of my everyday life.